Dating 3.0

Right. So, I don’t normally use this blog for promotion, but since I wrote about this app before and it’s now (more or less) done and live, I thought it deserved a mention. May I present to the interwebz: FlirtTracker.

The basic premise (which, credit where credit is due, my business partner came up with) is this: you’re doing something – hanging at a bar, chilling at a party, commuting, doing groceries – you name it – and you have a flirt with someone. Now, if you’re anything like me (and I’m guessing 99% of mankind is) you won’t be astute enough to ask for that person’s phone number. Instead, you let the moment pass and afterwards think WTFHOWCANISEETHEMAGAIN. That’s where this app comes in 🙂

At its core, you (discreetly) log your flirt in the app, and if the other person also does that, it suggests you as a match. So it’s fundamentally different from existing “dating apps”: the presumption is there already has been a real life spark. It’s got a bunch of other features and the website sports an explanatory video but in the stage we’re now in (soft launch and all) I’d mostly like to get feedback from real-life, out-in-the-wild users. (Yes we had a test panel but of course they won’t catch everything, plus we briefed them beforehand and I’d like to hear from “new users” as well.) So if you’d like to give it a spin, please do! Any feedback to support AT will be highly appreciated – from “this don’t work” to “I have a better idea for feature X”.

The app is live and available for iOS and Android, but the web version is pretty similar in terms of functionality so anyone should be able to use it (and no we don’t support Windows Phone :P).

Tech details (I mention these partly to brag, but also b/c I’m expecting to need to hire people soon):

  • server backend partly PHP7, partly NodeJS
  • frontend AngularJS
  • app using Cordova
  • database = PostgreSQL

We plan to support WebRTC soon too as well, so I’m particularly interested in people with knowledge of that.

Got WebRTC working too today – we’re thoroughly testing it now since it’s still highly experimental, but looks good.

Of course, the app will work best if as many people as possible have it. We can’t find flirts if you’re the only one using it, so spread the word! There’s an “invite friends” option there, but just sharing this link is also <3. As is, it can’t be stressed enough, ANY feedback, even if it’s on the level of “this icon is 1px off” or “this totally sucks” ;).

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